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"I Will Survive"

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Being both a fan and music critic I am often disappointed with the newer releases from my music heroes. Sometimes the music falls flat; the same riffs have already been done, and let’s just say, the lyrics have all been said before…

"I Will Survive" is the third studio release from Seventh Key. Seventh Key’s members are: Billy Greer (legendary rock band Kansas) Mike Slamer (City Boy, Streets, Steelhouse Lane and countless other projects) David Manion (Keys) and a guest appearance by David Ragsdale (Kansas violin). Also, featured are guest vocal performances by Billy Trudel (Elton John Band), Bobby Capps (38 Special), Terry Brock (Strange Ways and Giant) and Barry Johnson.

After seeing another great Kansas show Billy invited me for a private listen in his Las Vegas hotel room. As we were walking with security to the elevator I couldn't help but remember the first review I wrote for their debut album many years before thinking to myself "I wonder if this album will hold up....”

Billy poured us both a glass of merlot, handed me a set of headphones and hit play...

As the music began I was taken back to that old familiar place that classic rock resides. I had that feeling that you get when you cruising on the coast highway and nothing can get you down… As I took a sip from my glass and leaned in to listen, it was clear I was in the presence of a brilliant musician…

There are 11 songs in total, so they really deliver after a long wait!

The album starts out with the title track "I Will Survive". This song is a masterful keyboard tune that builds into an amazing rhythm and progressive back and forth between Mike Slamer and Dave Manion on keys. This song in particular has that "classic sound" with a fresh attack of guitar licks. Simply unreal. Dream Theater should take note of this song.

"Lay it on the line" and "I See You There" have those haunting vocals that you love to play in your head all day- and I do!

And then there's "Sea Of Dreams". This song is so beautiful that it's hard to believe it hadn't been written before. Somehow Mike and Billy pulled a lyrical and melodic treasure that will now always be one of my all time favorites. David Ragsdale (Kansas Violin) plays on this one and as Billy says "he put the icing on the cake".

The body of the album is as good if not better than their other releases with solid hooks, original lyrics and memorable vocals...

The album ends with perhaps Seventh Key's best vocal song ever- "I Want It All" .This is probably my favorite song on the album. The voices are huge, the guitars catchy and the mix completely unique.

I can enthusiastically say this album has the BEST vocals Seventh Key has put together to date. The voices are not only layered perfectly-they have texture. Other than the obvious vocal abilities of Billy and Terry Brock, this is perhaps due to Mike’s amazing ability to mix and engineer an album with continuity. I Will Survive has a heartbeat from beginning to end, Mike’s guitar work is stunning as usual as somehow he puts every note in just the right place. His sound, his phrasing and the perfect placement of speed is unique to him and him only. Mike is a true guitarist’s guitarist!

So do yourself a favor...Pour yourself a nice glass of Merlot, put on some headphones and hit play... Enjoy the ride...

~Jeffrey Pyeatt

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