Billy Greer

For more than fifteen years Billy Greer has definitely been the Seventh 
Key in the ongoing success of the classic rock band Kansas. With his 
unique voice and bass style, Billy has elegantly carved his own distinctive 
sound with one of rock's finest bands. This one of a kind artist has just 
completed his first solo project ironically entitled Seventh Key with 
musical contributions by Steve Morse, Rich Williams, Steve Walsh
and Mike Slamer. This latest effort again secures Billy’s place in the 
hearts of his fans and critics alike.

With a voice lead singers truly envy, Billy pushes the envelope once 
more with this newly completed project. Seventh Key joins the ranks 
with the other great songs Billy has sung such as "Rat Race" from 
Streets Crimes in Mind, "Cold Hearted Woman" from Streets’ 
King Biscuit Live and "Look at the Time" from the newest 
Kansas release Somewhere to Elsewhere, but this time it’s Billy’s 

Seventh Key represents another great album from one of rock's finest 
progressive musicians. With straight-ahead rock and roll, exceptional 
ballads, soaring vocals, and ripping guitar solos, this project flows like 
a river – allowing you to taste different musical flavors along the way. 
This is thanks to "Guitar God" Mike Slamer who produced, engineered 
and mixed this album and played most of the guitar. Mike demonstrates 
again what musical excellence is all about, thoroughly complimenting 
everything Billy set out to do. 

Whether you have heard Billy sing and play with QB1, Streets, pick 
the notes to "Dust in the Wind" at a Kansas concert, or play and 
sing on Seventh Key, Billy Greer’s effortless singing and genuine 
songwriting is something you will not soon forget. Fortunately for us, 
Billy Greer is one of the few musicians whose musical influences 
actually show through in his music, but with his own delicate signature – 
each bass line, each vocal note, each carefully placed lyric unlocks the 
mystery to what great rock and roll is all about.

If what they say is true, "You can truly see a man’s soul when he sings 
and plays," then this man’s soul is shining at its brightest!  This kid 
can play!

--Jeff Pyeatt

© 2001 Billy
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