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I am pleased to announce that on May 23, filming was completed for a live concert DVD/CD to be released on Frontiers Records in November of this year. This DVD marked the first concert ever performed by Seventh Key. As many of you may or may not know, Mike Slamer has been in a self-imposed exile from performing live. Except for a couple of times getting up and jamming with other bands, this was the first time Mike has performed 'live' in almost 22 years. The DVD was shot at Crossover Entertainment Group Inc., in front of about 60 family members, friends, and invited guests.

Joining Mike and me on stage were some good friends and seasoned pros. Terry Brock appeared on electric & acoustic guitar and backing vocals. Terry sang backing vocals on both Seventh Key CDs. David Manion performed on keyboards. David played on the first Seventh Key CD and wrote the song "Missy" which appeared on that disc. Monster drummer Pat McDonald was kind enough to help us out in that department. I have known Pat for about 10 years--I met him when I first moved to Florida. At that time, he was playing in the house band at a local club in Sarasota, FL. Pat moved to Nashville about 6 years ago and landed the job as drummer for The Charlie Daniels Band. Joining us off-stage, to add vocal support, was long time friend Lee Day. Lee is a very accomplished musician and has been a good friend for many years. Bonus features will include guest appearances by Kansas violinist, Robby Steinhardt and my brother, Johnny Greer, who both joined me on an acoustic version of the song, "Forsaken," which was on the first Seventh Key CD.

The DVD was directed by Nicole Slamer. Nicole is very busy, as I write this announcement, with editing and post production. About two years ago, Nicole had shot a couple of videos of "An Ocean Away" and "Love Train." Frontiers Records president, Serafino Perugino, got a look at those videos, liked the quality of the work and approached Nicole about shooting a DVD for Seventh Key. The result will be released for the world to see in November.

Nicole and her Los Angeles-based crew: director of photography Darian Meye, cameraman Steve Castanon, and assistant director Jessi Marsh, flew to Atlanta on May 15 and met with project manager Mark Parks, owner of Ampp Productions, lighting expert David "Duk" Burns of East Coast Lighting, and long-time friend and talented lighting designer Bill Allen. After Nicole and her crew did their site survey of the venue, they sat down with Mark, Bill, and Duk, and production plans were underway. Production was loaded into Crossover on Sunday morning, May 22, and rehearsal started that night. Shooting concluded at about 11:00 PM Monday night.

The excellent photographs that accompany this announcement are the result of the hard work of good friend, David Carstens, and the website that you are looking at is the result of the hard work of good friend and one of the kindest souls on the planet, Missy Ross. Also, special thanks to Billy Johnson and all the kind folks at "Crossover."

I owe a debt of gratitude to all the aforementioned people and so many more who worked long hours for little or no money to help me pull the whole thing off. I will be forever grateful!

Also, thanks to all the fans who have supported me in my efforts outside Kansas. I hope you will enjoy the new DVD and hope that we will be playing in a venue near you someday.

--Billy Greer

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