From musical beginnings to Kansas

Miracles out of Nowhere

The time line becomes gray at this point. All I can say is, after several 
months of lying around licking my wounds, I got a call that has shaped 
my life to the present. Kansas had run its course with John Elefante, 
and they were looking to put the band back together. Kerry and Dave,
at this point, didn’t want to be involved, and I got a call that would 
change my life forever! I was asked to be a member of Kansas
The new lineup would be Phil, Richard, Steve, Steve Morse on guitar, 
and I was offered the job of playing bass for the band. Is this a great 
country or what?! The date for rehearsals was set for July 1985. 
Steve still had a month or so to finish his tour with Cheap Trick
but the band decided to go ahead and start practicing and working on 
songs without him, knowing that within the next month he would be 
there to rejoin the band. 

So in the summer of 1985, I packed my bags, went to my local airport 
in Surgoinsville, Tennessee – population: 1,132 – and Steve Morse 
landed in his twin engine Cessna, and took me back to Atlanta to start 
my new career with Kansas! Is this becoming surreal or what?!

Fast Forward

For the past 16 years I have been a proud member of one of the 
world’s greatest rock and roll bands! No regrets, no looking back. 
The work that I have done with this band and things that I have 
experienced will last a lifetime! More than anything though, it’s the 
friendship and camaraderie that I will treasure most.

About a year and a half ago, I decided that it was time to do 
something on my own.  I had always been frustrated that I was never 
given the chance to sing lead on any of the material. It was time! 
I decided to do a solo CD. 

Seventh Key

I signed a deal with Frontiers Records in February of 2000. I started 
to record Seventh Key in the fall of 2000. Thankfully, I was able to 
enlist the services of Mike Slamer, who produced, engineered, mixed, 
wrote and played on almost every track on the CD. What a thrill it 
was to play with Mike again and to have him add his magic to the CD. 
Mike is a great player and a great producer. But even more than that, 
it was wonderful renewing my friendship with Mike and his family. 
I truly love Mike, his wife Sue, and his daughter Nicole. We went 
through a lot of tough times together and 20 years later, we’re all still 
here trying to carve out our little niche in this world. Mike has proved 
himself as a great songwriter, composer, and producer. I’m very 
thankful that he was involved in my project. 

Thank You!

I started writing this bio intending to write only a few words about 
myself and to let you know about my new solo project. But after 
I started, I couldn’t stop. So, thank you for your indulgence. 
I appreciate the opportunity to express myself. I guess all this “stuff” 
has been bottled up inside me for the past 20 years. I hope I haven’t
bored you too much and I hope that you will be at least moderately 
interested in what I have had to say.  In giving thanks, I want to 
sincerely offer my gratitude to Melissa Ross (Missy). Without her 
creative talent and generosity, Billy would not have been 
possible. Melissa, you are truly good people! Also, thanks to Jeff 
Pyeatt for writing such a gleaming foreword. Thanks to all my fans 
that have supported me throughout the years…I hear your voices! 
Thanks and God Bless Us All!………..

P.S.  Enjoy the Seventh Key!


© 2013 Billy
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